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  1. Hello Amitabh,

    Actually I am interested in tree plantation on hills. Last year I tried in Mandana village with someone but that not work because the other person from Mandana not seem very interested.
    Got your reference from doctor Vikas. Can we talk for a while on this?

    Mb 9855701644

  2. Dear Sir,
    I was searching the internet for “Nickernut” seeds and plants. We belong to Manimajra and used to have our land in what is now Panchkula. At that time, there were many shrubs of these plants around boundaries of fields. I did not know the name of the plant. But after giving the descrition and searching images I could find the name. Then I searched with exact name and reached your website “hills of morni”. After this I began reading the articles in the site and found it very interesting and full of information about this area.
    Keep it up. I also write some ordinary stuff in a blog called Free Thoughts with the address http://idyllic.wordpress.com/

    thanks a lot

    Ranjit Singh

  3. Sir,
    I need your contact # and e-mail address. I need some more information about Morni hills. Best regards

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