Rationale for Direct Recruitment

In the Indian Police setup there are a whole set of expectations regarding professional conduct and capabilities from officers joining the Indian Police Service through direct recruitment. Thus the direct recruits are subjected to much more exacting standards while being judged by their senior colleagues and by society in general. The direct recruits enter the police organization at a relatively higher level in the hierarchy with little professional knowledge or experience as compared to their counterparts who have risen from the ranks. Yet, a directly recruited officer is expected to offset this lack of experience by 4 other key attributes:
1) An unfailing commitment to truth. An unassailable reputation for professional honesty.
2) Greater enthusiasm and drive to achieve organizational goals. A young direct recruit is typically expected to be ‘all fired-up’ for action.
3) The direct recruit is expected to take the organisation away from the beaten path by introducing new systems and technologies. He is expected to be open to change and fresh ideas that hold the promise of imparting a quantum jump to the level of performance of the organization.
4) A greater commitment to national goals and freedom from the prejudices of caste, community and region.

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