Bizarre Thoughts on Creation

It has been theorized that the universe starts from a compact whole with a big bang throwing all matter into space. Galaxies, stars and planets are formed as matter is hurled through space farther and farther apart. The universe is expanding. Then it starts compacting again until everything falls back into a single whole. Maybe, a black hole eats up all. The process is like an unending game. All matter is governed by and behaves as per certain basic laws or rules. Sometime after the Big Bang the existing set of rules lead to the creation of intelligence or ‘Mind’ at one or more locations. The task for the Mind or collective intelligence is to figure out the underlying rules that govern the cyclical expansion and contraction of the Universe before it (the Mind, that is) gets snuffed out by the collapse of the universe into the single whole. Intelligence grows or evolves over time and space. It is racing against time. It has to crack the mystery before time runs out. If it cracks the rules maybe it can stop the cycle and evade destruction and become ‘God’. That is, take charge of the Universe from the hands of ‘God’. Thus, Mind is a unique entity which while being made up of matter and being governed by all the laws that govern matter, yet holds the potential for understanding and rewriting these fundamental rules. Mankind and all its striving is only a path in the evolution of intelligence. ‘God’ watches this drama or battle as it unfolds cycle after cycle until a new God (erstwhile ‘Mind’) emerges and starts its own version of creation and destruction, its own game. Thus universe or matter falls into the control of a series of Minds or Gods.