The ‘Iron Frame’ redefined

What is a nation? The physical boundaries and the people living within them? or is it an idea? I feel its a philosophy, a way of life. A consensus on what life is all about and what is it that we live and collectively strive for? The ‘Independent India’s’ philosophy or way of life is enshrined in its Constitution. In its essence the Indian philosophy states that its citizens are all born equal. Each of us deserves happiness in life. There should be justice for all. A few good men were given the leadership position by history and they gave this conglomeration of sub-cultures and this ancient civilization it’s modern new philosophy. A philosophy which was futuristic and inspired by optimism about the destiny of his young nation. Initially the multitude followed its leaders as it was driven by the freshness of an independent nation that was experimenting with new ideas. But the new order of things failed to deliver at a pace that could satisfy the impatient millions. The people then decided to blame the underlying philosophy of the new order. The age old attitudes, prejudices and way of life now staged a comeback. But even this resurgence was limited as the new liberal philosophy had gained root to a certain extent and had its own set adherents. The battle is raging on. It has seen the centuries old bureaucratic ‘iron-frame’ crumble under pressure from the democratic polity. But the Constitution and its philosophy have found new champions. The young soldiers who have had the benefit of a liberal education and today seek to replace some of the attitudes that are thousands of years old.The shining new India that wants to make its place in the league of modern nations where all their citizens are free to pursue happiness. The battle is being fought in the hearts and minds of the people. The liberal versus the fascist. The tolerant versus the brute. All the believers of the new faith must display patience and perseverance in this struggle. They must remember to lead by example and have faith in the philosophy they expect others to follow. These champions of the Constitution are the new ‘Iron Frame’ of Independent India that holds it multitude together.